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The Purpose of theNoci Essentials is to share with the world the fundamental elements of theNoci (the I-con).


While going through depression, I became obsessed the Idea that in was beauty in all the chaos. I liked to call it "Beauty In Abstract". By using tools such as quotes, journaling, reading affirmations, fashion through the art of modeling and creating a home made skin routine to help conquer my depression.

Through using these tools, I was able to learn that I was the key to all of My questions.

I created my brand to illustrate the understanding of the mind, body and soul. They are one. Everyone has their Niche and everyone has there purpose. Not everybody knows what theres is and some people are born into what they're passion are. Everyone also suffers a great deal of pain in some form. The point is living and standing for something while you're here. Finding through your mind, body and soul ways to connect with the inner you, to feel whole and fulfilled. I want to embody that one, every step of the way through my brand. I want all of my supporters to feel that.

Thank you.



Cortiva Institute


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